The Expense Report breaks out all of your expenses into detail.

You can run your Expense Report by going to “Reports” -> Expense Report

There are various options for running your report:

1. Date Range: You can set the range for which dates you’d like expenses pulled in

2. Limit To: This option allows you to run the report with only certain expense categories   Check off the individual categories you would like to see or leave them all blank to see everything.

The report you generate will now show the Category, Date, Vendor, Author, Project, Notes, and Amount of each expense.  It will also total up each grouping of expenses for you and also give you a grand total at the bottom.

What about the sales tax?

If you have paid tax on your expenses it won’t be broken out within the web-view of the report.

Never fear, you can still get that information!  In the top-right of the report you’ll see an “Export to” button.  If you click that you will be given the option to export your report as a CSV file or an XLS.  Once you export one of those files you’ll be able to see the taxes broken out for each individual expense.