With this feature, you can set up recurring bills to your client so you don’t have to do it over and over again (saving you time and money!).

To set up recurring profiles that automatically generate invoices at a regular interval:


1. Head over to the “Invoices” tab and click on the “Recurring” sub-tab


2. Click on the “+ New Recurring Invoice” button

3. Filling out the recurring profile is just like creating a one-time invoice, with a few extra features: Start Date: the day you want the first invoice to send out. Usually the 1st of the month or the first day your client signs up for a service. How Often: the frequency in which you want the invoices to send out. For your convenience, we have many different options ranging from weekly to yearly. How Many: the number of invoices you want this recurring profile to send out.
Example: if you are charging someone for a year’s subscription on a monthly basis, you would set “How Often” to monthly and “How Many” to 12.  


4. Click “Save” when your profile is complete. The profile can be edited later at any time. The first invoice will be generated on the “Start date” and all invoices created by recurring profiles will be listed under the “Invoices” tab


Note: If you set your start date for today, it will be sent out IMMEDIATELY!