The one thing that is different about CloudBooks than other accounting software is that we are really online focused, meaning that one of the two requirements for creating a new contact is an email address (the other one being an Organization Name).

Enter your email address if your client doesn't have one.

After creating and saving a new client, the “new client” portion of the screen minimizes and reveals the blank invoice to fill out.




 Go on to create a few tasks. You can create new ones straight from the invoice window. You can also select from existing tasks.

There aren't very many options, simply a name, description, and amount.

Put the finishing touches on your invoice by entering your terms for payment.


 Send it! You have the option of email or snail mail (a.k.a. ground mail) to get the invoice in your customer’s hands.


Invoice created and sent. You’ve also created a client and re-usable items in the process and possibly put up some default terms for future invoices.