Below you will find a very detailed instruction guide to creating clients. Please note that the only required field for a client is their email address and that you do not have to follow every single step we have provided. Instructions are written below:


Step 1: Go to the Client tab


Step 2: Click on the red “New Client” button


Step 3: Give your client an Organization name. This can be their company name, their First Name/Last Name, or anything you want to label your client. The organization name will appear on invoices


Step 4: Enter an email address for your client. This is a required field. If your client doesn’t use email, you can enter your own email address or a void email address.

Step 5: Fill the Contact name of your client. This name will appear on invoices under the Organization Name

Step 6: Enter your Client’s mailing address.


Step 7: Click “Submit” and you’ll be ready to invoice them! Don’t forget to make an ice cream sundae to celebrate.